untitled No. 5768

raging berklet rofl

untitled No. 5770

pov: you havent posted your github

untitled No. 5771

pov: you havent posted your github

untitled No. 5773

>yet another assblasted freebsd user copes and seethes by posting multiple poorly written rants everywhere

untitled No. 5777

anything else you've got in your vocabulary,besides that fucking "cope and seethe"? i wonder how'd you even pass elementary school? what does 2+2 equal?

untitled No. 5778

you're fucking sociopathic sh1t,you don't even care about your life,you have no meaning here - your hobby is making people embarrassed of you. you are not going to prove a thing,using sh1ttalking. how are you talking to people outside of internet,getindor? may i help you with a thing?

untitled No. 5779

i will support you,if you have personal problems in your life,just tell me if you do

untitled No. 5780

getindor,you can't even accept criticism against you. you are worse than yandev,your website is objectively sh1tty - no https,design is outdated,when i go to some link on header - i get response of 404 error,media doesn't work here,and when i go to polish version of getgle - i reach bare ftp. you may keep sh1ttalking,but you're already done,just deal with it,maggot.

TRD No. 5781

getindor, you f-a-g!you are not capable of anything, your songs are terrible, better to be a freebsd user than a major visitor to happy clubs like you. the site is not out of date, the site has always been s-h-i-t... i don't even know what to say about you more , you are no one in life and a pitiful untermensch, it's useless for me to say that your world is your imagination and you are just a fu-c-k-ing creature.

fghg No. 5782

getuindor never speak for other people, you are asocial. people are individual,also your opinion is nonsense

fghg No. 5783

getuindor never speak for other people, you are asocial. people are individual,also your opinion is nonsense

untitled No. 5786

> freebsd user still raging
tldr lol

untitled No. 5787

>no https
top kek. it literally has this. i'm on rn.

untitled No. 5788


untitled No. 5789

>top kek. it literally has this. i'm on rn.
it doesn't cancel the fact,that scripts are fucked up here. yandev legacy's website.

untitled No. 5790

rent free breeder

untitled No. 5791

>>5789 rent free

Pornhub Admin No. 5775

please send more, im cumming hard rn

untitled No. 5785


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