Anonymous No. 246

so i have an ultimatum: bill gates and the illuminati got a herd of cracker cattle. woooo we gott a herd of cracker cattle we got a herd of cracker cattle. they got a big herd of cracker cattle yippie ki yay we're cracker cattle herders we got a herd of cracker cattle, they are the most docile fucking cracker cattle we got 'em so docile we got this awesome big fucking herd of cracker cattle and they caca and they sit there and they watch tv and they caca its the best fucking herd of cracker cattle. we took away all their guns now they just caca and we watch them and were rich. we are so fucking rich. we have so much fucking money. we got this herd of cracker cattle wooooo. we're milking the fucking cracker cattle it's the best thing ever. so that's what the illuminati got and i got a space alien. so here is my ultimatum: you can live in hell with my cracker cattle or you can put me in charge of the space alien temple, the third temple. ok? have fun with your cracker cause i sure as hell ain't gonna fucking suck your jew cracker cock. fuck yourself you think i'm gonna fucking enjoy cracker cattle after i had a fucking space alien are you fucking crazy? i got a fucking space alien of course i'm not gonna fuck, fuck with cracker cattle fuck yourself. you fucking think i... enjoy your fucking cracker cattle you got the cracker cattle you got the cracker cattle you got the cracker cattle go go go go you got the cracker cattle. you got a fucking herd of cracker woooo we got 'em so docile they just caca all day aint that so great?

Terry A. Davis No. 249

ill be pope of the whites, ok

Anonymous No. 253


Bao Jinping No. 643

>249 glowcrackers

Anonymous No. 238

>find indian on fiverr >pay him to make a textboard >he makes something better than anything you could ever make >post yfw you got btfo by india

Anonymous No. 239

>>238 the final blackpill

Anonymous No. 231


Anonymous No. 240


Anonymous No. 322


Anonymous No. 323

natty daddy

Anonymous No. 324


Anonymous No. 329


Anonymous No. 330


Anonymous No. 385

drink corona

Anonymous No. 388

drink whiskey and cool aid

Anonymous No. 389

drink cum

Anonymous No. 390

drink gamergirlpee uwu

Anonymous No. 227

im drinking bud light

Anonymous No. 228


penis No. 232

newlines fixed due to popular demand

Anonymous No. 235

reeee newlines are for newbreeders

Anonymous No. 236

big cock

Anonymous No. 225


david baszucki No. 1901

emoji breeder

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