Dong Chiang No. 957

we need a getgle game like this

Jìngyi Tián No. 958

play it

Li Dong No. 959

its a good game

Bao Zhū No. 960

also... getgle should have its own server so we an play in teams (unless the dumb assholes take over and make it a normal server)

Li Chiang No. 961


Jìngyi Zhū No. 962


Yang Dong No. 963

here is an example of a normal server: people running bots that run into its owner people with political names

Chun Jinping No. 964

there's some more examples

Dong Jinping No. 965 server he's talking about:

Bao Zhū No. 966

yikes umm why is this guy posting an ip :/ i heard hackers use those. getindor please delete >>965

Xi Chang No. 967


Li Zhèng No. 969

the ip is here for a reason...

Yang Zhū No. 970

getindor delete this please

Yang Zedong No. 974

its a diffrent ip not used by anyone. its a server ip for a server also i consider also trying or

Bao Tián No. 975

"also i consider also" i consider you to fuck off.

Yang Gle No. 976

>>974 please commit not alive

Get Chang No. 977 full of bots... join if you want go to and in developer console put forceserver("", "444") then click play

Yang Sòng No. 1017

just do it already!

sage No. 1018

shut the fuck up idiot

Xi Jinping No. 1238 has a lot of bot storms therefore you can get a higher score

Li Zhū No. 1239

149 56 20 72 444 has a lot of bot storms therefore you can get a higher score

Harry Zhū No. 950


Li Jinping No. 945


Mao Jinping No. 940


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