Harry Dong No. 1384

dont want to reveal your powerlevel eh

Dong Jinping No. 1385


tar black nigger No. 1386

tar black cracker

Dong Zh No. 1375

fuck crackers

Chun Chiang No. 1376

tar black 1375

Bao Gle No. 1362


Solvo No. 1369

why not

Li Zh No. 1370


Xi Zhng No. 1371


Kek No. 1372

tar black

Chun Zh No. 1380

fucking tar black crackers

Electronic Arts No. 1364

open lootboxes to unlock the rest of the slogan

Harry Zedong No. 1365


Electronic Arts No. 1367

nah just loot boxes makes us more money that way since we can rig them to not work on the first try

Jngyi Dong No. 1355

this is what a hylic person would say destined for the low levels of the firmament

Xi Chiang No. 1356

op is a low level lifeform

Xi Zh No. 1357

low level retard you do not know about the firmament but for that matter dont you have some understanding on the earths motionit is an awful jokeoh it is a jokeyou cant laugh the foolif i tell you that i know about the firmament would you believe meoh so you think ityoud just try to guess the meaning from the wordthats funny i dont doubt it for a moment

Dong Chang No. 1358

you are a fool

Get Zedong No. 1359

tar black cracker

Testing No. 1360

black tar

Mao Jinping No. 1373


Get Dong No. 1350

im fucking crying

Harry Gle No. 1352

dont to it man you can make it worth while and intentionally infect yourself with the corona virus and do that before you kys

Get Zh No. 1353

hi getgle owner here im ending getgle

Mao Dong No. 1346

im shutting down getgle for real this time ok

Yang Zh No. 1347

ratwires sent me here

getindor No. 1348

1347 just checked out ratewires fucking epic

Li Tin No. 1351

why though

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