No. 4172

when will

No. 4173

its here

No. 4149

no hes using cpanel lmfao

No. 4150

i found out gnusocial is compatible with pleroma so you're going to get your wish b)

No. 4163

>>4150 why u using cpanel learn how to into lonix

No. 4164

>>4163 i already know how to use linux. cpanel hosting is hugely cheaper then renting a vps. i pay $5/year for the unlimited bandwidth 100gb storage server that this site is hosted on

No. 4165

later today the getglesocisl instance will release it'll be great. full mastodon/plethora compatibility owo

No. 4166

>>4164 based india php hosting

No. 4161

mr getgle please it is better than fake png

No. 4162

coming soon!!!

No. 4158

getgle hat merch getgl hat merch getgle hat merch

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